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Beat Caravan Thieves for under $100

After seeing how easily and how often caravans are stolen, we have a few cunning tricks to not only get your prized caravan back but also catch the thief.

There are many ways to slow down thieves but it seems nothing is working very well. Post after post of stolen vans that had wheels locks, bar locks, chains and even commercial grade wheel clamps are not stopping the vans being stolen. With so many vans stolen here is a few ways to fight back and done for around $100.

We cant stop the vans being stolen it seems but this will get the van back without any more than a call to the police and your mobile phone.

The first way is to install a GPS tracker, these are cheap as chips now and simple to install. I have no affiliation with any of the companies or products so read up on which type would work for you setup and budget. The main thing is not to buy old outdated trackers as the old GPRS phone system is offline now. So make sure its a 3G or 4G tarcker.


A GPS tracker is a device, generally hidden and mounted to a vehicle, caravan or person, it works by using the Global Positioning System to identify and track the exact location of the device. The reported location info can be saved within the tracking unit, but more importantly it can be sent to a computer, phone or tablet. This enables the caravan with tracker installed to display the location on a map in real time using free GPS tracking software. Free and paid tracking software is available for phones, laptops, tablets.

The best part about using GPS tracking is the Global Positioning System is free to use, its much like the internet itself, both are freebies the war machine no longer uses and they handed them over to the public domain. The older GPRS systems are now no longer supported as the phone system has moved over to 3G and 4G, so buy the latest ones as older models will not work in Australia

Ebay has many types and styles just do a simple search in evilbay for “3G GPS tracker”. Most trackers on evilbay range from $20 up to commercial systems worth thousands. Most would get away with spending around $100 for a very good tracker. Installs for most trackers are very simple, so if you have a few tools and are handy installation would be free.


The Tight Ass Method.

If you have an old smartphone, put it to good use by turning it into a GPS tracking device, the main thing you need is software on the phone like Prey, Prey is a free laptop, tablet, and smartphone tracking app.

Hide the phone somewhere in your caravan and if you know how modify the 12volts charger with an inline fuse to the battery or even hook up its own battery charger with solar. Now disabled vibration and speaker. Buy a basic prepaid sim, the best ones would be low calls but long expiry. If the caravan is stolen you have to call the phone to track the caravans location and tell the police asap!

Myself I would go with buying a tracker as the DIY is fun and cost near nothing but less reliable in the long run.

There are many types of free GPS tracking apps you can use like, GPS Phone Tracker Pro, Real-Time GPS Tracker and many others.

And if your real clever, you can wire it up inside the chassis, and it will use the thief’s own car battery (when caravan is plugged in) to catch them.

In Australia a 3G tracker is around $280 but direct from china they are about $100 AUS

Be aware that thieves can also by GPS Jammers and they are easy to buy on places like ebay, so if professional thieves target your van then they are likely to have a GPS blocker/jammer. So use a few methods to secure your caravan, with locks, chains, alarms and another way you can.

I hope this post can help a few vans find their owners again. The only other tip I have would be to make up some signage on the sides of the van, have signs made that say either ALP canvassing van or LNP and no one would come anywhere near the van.

Do you have any tips or tricks to stop thieves stealing caravan?


About Matt

Matt is the husband of Mindy, the Travelling Naturopath. Matt is a Jack of all trades, who loves working with his hands to make life easier. As a natural problem solver, he has the ability to see a solution where one is needed. Matt has a background in construction, computers and machinery. One of his passions is to share his innovative solutions with others, especially regarding living on the road.

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