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Tiny house on wheels build week 5

Tiny house on wheels build week 5

This week we put the weatherboards on, sealed the roof and sealed around the weatherboards. It was a great week as my health was good and I could get stuck into the build.


The weatherboards were a cheap find locally. A guy didn’t end up using them so I paid $2 a meters for unused boards. The total for the weather boards was $400 and this left some over to make a Tiny Kennel on wheels for our dog Roxy the rottie.


The roof and weather boards have been sealed with a combo of expanding foam and high grade silicon. The colour was close to a wood colour but being new the silicon stands out until it weathers in. The roof needed some extra long gal screws put in and also the skylight needed flashing and sealing.

Tiny House on Wheels Build (week 4)

This week I feel like a pin cushion after having my back and hands fall apart,  the Doctor sent me away to get a CT scan and lots of blood work. The test are for RA or rheumatoid arthritis. This is now a waiting game to see if it’s the case or not. After having a health scare like this and only being 43 I have a new found inspiration to get this done and fast as possible, same goes for travelling full time around Australia. I heard had to many stories’ of people gearing up and spending lots of money to lap Australia only to have health issues stop them.

Tiny House on Wheels Build update (week 3)

The build of the slide-on for the truck slowed down as the truck itself had to have a roadworthy for rego. The truck had been off the road for around 3 years and was in need of some TLC.

The roadworthy was a long list, being the truck was off the road for a few years the mechanic’s went over it with a fine tooth comb. I really don’t mind a long list as most of it was safety issues like brakes, suspension, and steering parts that needed replacement. The last thing I want is to add a few tonnes of weight to an unsafe truck.


Learning anything mechanical is interesting to me, so the task of rebuilding most of the suspension, replacing steering parts, pulling the engine apart to replace gaskets and doing a general tidy up all looked like things I can do without help or a huge bill from diesel mechanics.

Tiny House on Wheels Build (Week 2)

It was a busy time fixing the truck we are using for our tiny house on wheels and also getting more of the frame built. We have a 1992 Isuzu 250 crew-cab tipper truck as the base for the truck house and it has been off the road for a few years now so work was required to get it up to legal specs and pass a roadworthy.

So this past week and a bit involved fixing the truck and therefore not getting as much frame work done. Being this project is about being frugal; we are trying to get the whole project including truck and tiny house built for less than 10k, so all the work on the truck will be done by me.

Tiny House on wheels build (week 1)

Tiny House style: GYPSY, rustic, recycled, eclectic glampavan

A few weeks ago I started to ask people for free building materials locally and on Facebook groups to build my own tiny house on wheels.

So far people have given us a heap of free materials for our build!  The support and generosity of many Aussies has been great! So far for free we have insulation, paint, heaps of wood, metal, and if we travel around a heap more. We will document each part of the build and trip including bargains for the build.

The ad to ask for free material went better than we thought!

Tiny house on Wheels tips and trick, Maximum height and width of the body.

Tiny house on Wheels tips and trick, Maximum height and width of the body.

Today i will cover a couple of tips and tricks for building a tiny house on the back of a truck, the main thing we can cover is the legal height and width when adding a body to a truck.

I can’t express how important these tips are to get right, if you don’t the truck you’re using could be defected on the spot. The rules and regulations for trucks are a lot stricter than cars, so always be aware of all the legal restrictions especially before taking on a build project like the one where doing.

Terminology for truck sizing: O.A.W.R.T (O.A.W.R.T = Overall Width across Rear Tyres)


Gypsy tiny house on wheels project. The truck introduction. (Part 1)

Gypsy tiny house on wheels

Welcome to our future house on wheels as we tour Australia with 4 kids and dog.

DIY RV, home built motorhome or homemade campervans but I prefer to call it a tiny house on wheels. We are making a very rustic looking gypsy style, recycled look all done as cheap as possible with a goal of no more than 12k spend, including the truck.

The total spend so far is only $6600 in the truck, it’s a Isuzu, 1992 model, NKR  250 crew cab which means it has a cab with enough space and seats for six. It’s in pretty good condition for a 92 model with replaced dash, new carpets, resprayed in white 2 pac, new seat belts, and seats have been recovered.


Frugally Friendly Facebook

Facebook is frugally friendly

This week we have started putting ourselves out there on social networks by putting a post up stating what our plans are with the construction of the gypsy motorhome. Matt has been submitting a post across all different buy, swap and sell pages and other pages of interest all across Facebook. We have been pleasantly surprised with the reaction of these posts and very humbled by the generosity of the general public. As the saying goes “someone else’s trash can become someone else’s treasure.” Our hope was that we would be able to take materials off the hands of people who are no longer using them and put them to great use in our future construction.

We have flooring for our new DIY caravan project

Today we sorted the bargain of the century! Matt had noticed on one of the local by swap and sell pages that there was a garage sale just around the corner from our house. Included in the pictures of the advertisement there was some floating flooring. The garage sale was advertised to start at 8 AM. We quickly got the kids ready, and headed out to grab a bargain. On our way through the oval we noticed that there were heaps of utes, trucks and other tradie vehicles. This made Matt quite nervous as he assumed that all the bargains would be gone. Luckily, the first thing we saw when we entered the driveway was a pile of laminate flooring priced at just $15, at first we thought it was $15 per box which still would have been a bargain in itself but to our surprise he was asking $15 for the whole lot. We managed to get five full boxes of laminate flooring oak timber for $15. As you can see in the picture, the advertisement from Bunnings sells this flooring for over $50 per metre. To acquire five boxes would have been approximately $300 so this means we have saved $285.

Quick trip to Melbourne

As a kid, I grew up in bustling Sydney and to get around we used public transport, mainly because it was cheap, and because my mum did not have a car. The system, although not perfect, worked well and we got where we needed to go cheaply and efficiently. One ticket purchased from a man in a ticket booth, allowed us to travel around the whole of Sydney, including the outer suburbs.
We were not impacting heavily on the environment, and we were spending time outdoors and as a family.

Marlo Victoria where the Snowy River meets the sea

Marlo Victoria, definitely worth a visit.

After returning from Mallacoota on the Friday, we began to get itchy feet again and didn’t want to waste the last week of the school holidays stuck at home. There are so many places to see and explore, that we have fun deciding where to go next. One of the places that we had wanted to see for a long time was Marlo, which is located at the end of the Snowy River, near Orbost. We had heard from friends, many moons ago when we lived on the South Coast of NSW, that Marlo was a destination well worth the visit and we had been intrigued ever since. We had a look at caravan parks in the area, and decided upon the Marlo Ocean Views caravan park, mainly due to price. We were quoted $39.00 a night for a four night stay in the September school holidays.

Our stay in Mallacoota

Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park

Having purchased our gorgeous Windsor caravan back in July, we hadn’t had an opportunity to take it out for more than one night. As the September school holidays approached we began the exciting discussion as to where we would go for a longer stay. We wanted to venture around 3-4 hours from home, so Mallacoota seemed like the perfect place to go as it is far enough away for us to feel like we are on holiday, but close enough just case it all got too much and we had to bail.

Should we travel around Australia full time?

Deciding whether to travel around Australia full time

First of all, let me tell you that this decision does not come lightly. Should we travel around Australia full time? Mentally and spiritually, Matt and I have gone back and forth over this many times.  Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and just feel out of sorts like it is too much, too risky, too hazardous, too daring, too unconventional, but whenever I do this, there is a voice, a nagging side of me that says hang on a sec, this is your dream, if you are not doing something risky, laborious, or unconventional, is it really worth reward? Matt has these moments too (thank goodness) but whenever we run through the should we stay or should we go question, going always wins.

With a tight budget, anyone can have a great family caravan

A cheap, working caravan for our family

One of our main goals for travelling was to find a caravan set up that was affordable, roadworthy and practical. Having perused many family travel blogs, we often found that many of them had bigger budgets than us, which at first made the whole concept feel unattainable. We started to piece everything together and realised that we can still do this, we may not have a large budget, but we certainly don’t need the latest model caravan or car, either.

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