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Quick trip to Melbourne

As a kid, I grew up in bustling Sydney and to get around we used public transport, mainly because it was cheap, and because my mum did not have a car. The system, although not perfect, worked well and we got where we needed to go cheaply and efficiently. One ticket purchased from a man in a ticket booth, allowed us to travel around the whole of Sydney, including the outer suburbs.
We were not impacting heavily on the environment, and we were spending time outdoors and as a family.

Where it all began (The dream) travelling around Australia

The dream

Ok, ok so you have stumbled across this blog and see this post and think that it is far fetched, unrealistic and possibly even ridiculous, and really, I don’t blame you. I want to explain how this concept has come about and what has led us to creating this far fetched goal of travelling around Australia with four children and a dog to practice Naturopathy. Yes, you read correctly, we eventually want to take to the road, live and work on the road with our four children in a caravan sharing the word about healthy living, travelling and our adventures. We want to start the journey now, so we can showcase our humble beginnings. We will be taking our caravan out as often as we can to practice, while I study and hopefully by the time we go in a few years, we will be ready and waiting. It is a BIG dream, a HUGE undertaking and something that we want SO bad.


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