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Christmas Bone Broth

This Christmas bone broth is made using the left over roasted bones of the turkey and duck that we had on Christmas day. Bone broth is a part of our lives daily. We use it as a tonic for health and disease prevention. Matt has arthritis, and bone broth forms part of his treatment regime to assist with joint mobility and lubrication. Bone broth provides a vast array of nutrients that are bio-available, meaning the body is better able to make use of them than when in supplement form.

Homemade yoghurt is the secret health weapon

Any eating plan which includes a regular intake of quality homemade yogurt is a beneficial health strategy as a result of the probiotic intake. The secret health weapon in yogurt is it’s beneficial live bacteria, probiotics.

What is Yogurt?

Natural yogurt is formed using fermented milk, created by including bacterial culture’s in any milk, this produces the converting of lactose to lactic acids. The best yogurt is always homemade and fresh is best.

How to make Homemade Yogurt, simply

I use UHT milk, otherwise known as long-life milk, as it has already been heated to high temperature. It is usually easy to store for travelling, does not require refrigeration (unopened) and I find it makes thick, creamy yoghurt every time.

You will need:

  • 2 litres of longlife (UHT) milk
  • 200ml of organic yoghurt
  • A thermal container or glass jars that you can keep in a warm place

In the thermomix, I put the 2 litres of milk and yogurt in the mixing bowl, and set temp. to 45°, 10 minutes, speed 2. If you do not have a Thermomix, then simply add the milk to a large pot, and heat until slightly warmer than body temperature, when temperature is reached (40°) add the yoghurt, and continue stirring through milk until temperature is reached again. Then I pour the mixture into my thermal container (which I purchased from  K-mart for $15.00 link below article) and let sit in a bath of hot water in the sink, overnight. In the morning you will have thick, creamy yoghurt, that will thicken on cooling in the fridge. To make a very thick yoghurt, you can strain the yoghurt over a bowl in cheesecloth for around 2 hours. The left over whey can be used for other fermentations. I find that this recipe does not need to be strained, but sometimes I do if making yoghurt cakes or cheese.

Homemade yoghurt

Good fats, bad fats

No more hydrogenated, processed fats

I grew up in the 1990’s where it was sold to us all that fat free or low fat was healthy, but most of this low fat food was found in processed, colourful packaged foods. My mum would make sure we didn’t eat high fat foods, but our consumption of foods that were high in sugar and other chemicals was through the roof. We used to come in from playing outside and guzzle cordial, and eat some devon with salad for dinner. I thoroughly believe my mum was doing her absolute best by us with regard to diet. She had a budget and was very busy with my four siblings and me as a single mum. I absolutely applaud her. Back then we didn’t have the internet, we didn’t have resources to self-educate about health. What we did have was media, and the propaganda was everywhere. Low fat this, fat free that, I even remember the advertisement for PRAISE mayonnaise, 100% fat free! The funny thing was that it was common to drink sugary drinks, they were everywhere. You only have to watch a movie from the 80’s or 90’s to see this prevalence.

We are going grain free

The reasons why we are going grain free

In 2013 I received a call from my Dad, he said he was going to get some pretty invasive tests as he had been experiencing some terrible GI symptoms and wanted to get to the bottom of it once and for all. To cut a long story short, my Dad was diagnosed as having Coeliac disease. The Gastroenterologist declared that his intestines were so inflamed, they were bleeding. The only cure for this was to go completely gluten free. Now for my Dad, this was overwhelming. He eats a really good, home cooked hearty diet, but LOVES beer. So over the proceeding months, he eliminated gluten, and began to heal. The amount of testing for this diagnosis was mind boggling, endoscopes, biopsies, genetic tests and blood tests. The fact that he tested positive for the coeliac gene, meant that I and my kids have a chance of having it too.

Following my Dad’s journey, I began documenting my own GI issues. I had been to several GP’s over the years with severe indigestion, immune issues (including glandular fever and an enlarged spleen) and I was only in my early 30’s. My second son had also been to the GP for severe constipation and we were both dismissed as having irritable bowel and told to increase fibre and take Metamucil. Not only did we have these symptoms, that would not abate, no matter how much water and fibre we added, but my youngest baby had severe eczema and my husband’s arthritis was getting worse. Our eldest son had always been sickly with fevers, severe infections, bouts of neutropenia and hospitalisations. He used to be an excellent eater, but over the years started to become fussy and preferring carbohydrate based foods. He does have sensory issues, and the school speech pathologist suggested a paediatrician visit to look at Asperger’s. We have not done this, but that is another blog entirely.

Cast Iron it’s Unbeatable, Unbreakable, Cheap and Healthy

Cast Iron Cookware it’s Unbeatable, Unbreakable, Cheap and Super Healthy!

Cast Iron is a chemical-free alternate to synthetic coated nonstick cookware, not only that its the original cookware.

You can cook using a lot less oil cooking with Cast-Iron

Cast iron is easy to clean up and the less you clean, the better it works.

Home Remedies for Kid’s Immune Systems

Healing Naturally by helping the immune system

This past Sunday, my eldest boy, Cayden (9) woke up after a fun sleepover with a friend, vomiting, pale and feverish. Cayden has a history of fevers, neutropenia and elevated C – reactive protein levels, all at different times in his life, with acute symptoms and hospital stays. In each case, he was diagnosed with different viruses or infections and they were treated as isolated incidents, due to his subsequent recovery, noted through follow up blood tests. My instinct is that he has an autoimmune issue, and I am working continually to assist his body to heal.

Meal planning for a camping trip to Mallacoota

Meal planning for a camping trip to Mallacoota

To cut our costs down, we decided to take all of our food with us, as experience tells us that eating out can cost well over $100 as we have six mouths to feed and often small tourist towns charge a premium for food. Luckily, I usually make large meals, so large that there is always excess for a whole meal, so I freeze them for easy reheats, particularly on busy work or study days. I had accumulated a fair bit of random dinners, so following a freezer inspection, I found that we had the following;


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