Homemade yoghurt is the secret health weapon

Any eating plan which includes a regular intake of quality homemade yogurt is a beneficial health strategy as a result of the probiotic intake. The secret health weapon in yogurt is it’s beneficial live bacteria, probiotics.

What is Yogurt?

Natural yogurt is formed using fermented milk, created by including bacterial culture’s in any milk, this produces the converting of lactose to lactic acids. The best yogurt is always homemade and fresh is best.

How to make Homemade Yogurt, simply

I use UHT milk, otherwise known as long-life milk, as it has already been heated to high temperature. It is usually easy to store for travelling, does not require refrigeration (unopened) and I find it makes thick, creamy yoghurt every time.

You will need:

  • 2 litres of longlife (UHT) milk
  • 200ml of organic yoghurt
  • A thermal container or glass jars that you can keep in a warm place

In the thermomix, I put the 2 litres of milk and yogurt in the mixing bowl, and set temp. to 45°, 10 minutes, speed 2. If you do not have a Thermomix, then simply add the milk to a large pot, and heat until slightly warmer than body temperature, when temperature is reached (40°) add the yoghurt, and continue stirring through milk until temperature is reached again. Then I pour the mixture into my thermal container (which I purchased from  K-mart for $15.00 link below article) and let sit in a bath of hot water in the sink, overnight. In the morning you will have thick, creamy yoghurt, that will thicken on cooling in the fridge. To make a very thick yoghurt, you can strain the yoghurt over a bowl in cheesecloth for around 2 hours. The left over whey can be used for other fermentations. I find that this recipe does not need to be strained, but sometimes I do if making yoghurt cakes or cheese.

Homemade yoghurt