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Netflix secret codes Category spreadsheet (Full List over 3800 secret Netflix codes)

We will cover a few tips for using Netflix, from how to view Netflix in any country and also the secret list of movie categories among other tricks to hack Netflix.


The Netflix hack that you can’t miss out on!

Netflix secret codes Category spreadsheet (Full List over 3800 secret codes, Free download)

So you have a Netflix account, and maybe even a VPN running and you are now overwhelmed by the massive choice you have after logging into Netflix USA. Now to find exactly what you want to watch, follow these instructions:
First download the excel spreadsheet or the PDF file to see the full list of over 3800 movie categories (Download link below), then in the list find the genre you want to watch by typing in your browser: NUMBER FROM THE SPREADSHEET HERE

Then, replace INSERT NUMBER FROM THE SPREADSHEET HERE with any of the category codes from downloaded file on this page. The file is free to share and use and all we ask is you share this info with friends and family, so they can also enjoy this Netflix hack.

Download with the FB share button

A small example of the categories:

Children & Family Movies (783)
Movies for ages 0 to 2 (6796)
Movies for ages 2 to 4 (6218)
Movies for ages 5 to 7 (5455)
Movies for ages 8 to 10 (561)
Movies for ages 11 to 12 (6962)
Education for Kids (10659)
Disney (67673)
Movies based on children’s books (10056)
Family Features (51056)
TV Cartoons (11177)
Kids’ TV (27346)
Kids Music (52843)
Animal Tales (5507)

Movies based on real life from the 1980s (4881)
Movies directed by Adam Rifkin (4067)
Movies directed by Alfred E. Green (4098)
Movies directed by Allan A. Goldstein (1224)
Movies directed by Allan Dwan (2152)
Movies directed by Andrew Davis (603)
Movies directed by Andrew V. McLaglen (4101)
Movies directed by Armand Mastroianni (2181)
Movies directed by Arthur Penn (739)
Movies directed by Atom Egoyan (191)
Movies directed by B. Reeves Eason (2313)
Movies directed by B.R. Chopra (1869)
Movies directed by Barry Levinson (4689)

You get the idea now? There is another 3780+ categories more than this small example. Netflix change them from time to time, so Ill do my best to update the numbers when they do.


Now lets look at getting the whole world’s content and every possible move title by using a cheap and easy method.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Server) like PureVPN will let you watch the latest releases from anywhere in the world, like the USA, Britain and just about any country. You can even trick Netflix into thinking you live in certain state in other countries, as each state in the US has different movies and TV shows playing. This works across the board in any country you like. So you like Bollywood movies? Not a problem, in a simple click of a button you will be able to  watch whatever your heart desires.

They way this works is the VPN (Virtual Private Server) gets around country viewing restrictions, for example;  Have you seen this error,”This title or video is not available in your country”? With the help of a VPN service the software routes your internet connection through different countries before it gets to Netflix, so Netflix think you live there.  That’s where your login and data are seen to be coming from.


To watch Netflix in any country, click this link to PureVPN

Netflix has been blocking most VPN’s recently as they can work out that many people are using the same IP’s or internet addresses so they will put a block on these IP addresses.  This is the big difference of PureVPN, they are playing cat and mouse with Netflix and winning. We have seen many VPN services beaten by Netflix but not PureVPN, they even have their own section and system just for connecting to Netflix. Its not the only thing a VPN can be used for but it is a main use as they are so cheap to run. Purevpn offers yearly plans in Australia for under $60 a year and that’s a top level plan with all the bells and whistles.

Other Netflix hacks and tricks.

Adding IMDb Reviews to Netflix

Netflix has a star rating review system and its not that bad, but if you’re looking for a better movie review system, then there’s an App for that. The Chrome extension Netflix Rate provides IMDb as well as Rotten Tomatoes ratings and reviews to Netflix. This is a great App for people to save time finding the best movies they like to watch from a better source than Netflix. Link to Netflix Rate App



Stop buffering problems using the Netflix hidden menus

Netflix has other fantastic secret treats like the streaming quality hidden menu. You can get it by clicking Shift+Alt+Left Mouse Click. The secret streaming options will vary depending on your operating system. This a great hack if you have streaming issues where you get buffering while trying to enjoy a movie.



Limited Data but want to watch Netflix, no problem.

For people that travel and do not have much data to use, this is the tip for you, navigate to the “My Account page” and click ‘Playback settings.’ In the setting you will see different amounts of data streaming for Netflix. Great way to not go over your data plan. Changing the settings can take up to 7 hours to kick in.

Last tip for today is Improve Netflix’s suggestions by telling Netflix the show you know you like. Find the My Account Tab, pick ‘Taste preferences.’ after that you’ll be able to pick the kind of viewing you prefer. Submitting your personal preferences will help the Netflix suggest movies or TV programs more suited to your style and taste.


The Lost Skill of Tinkering

Every time I go to the tip I see so much waste, not the smelly rotting type but the usable easy to be recycled junk that in my eyes, is gold.

In days of old most working appliances and goods would be fixed, if broken or handed down to other family members but now it seems we think it’s embarrassing to offer used goods to anyone. I am not sure if it’s that simple but in my investigations that seems to be the most common underlying reason.



Learn Young and Get Skills

From a very young age at around 5-6 years old I learned to fix things to the horror of my parents, as the only way to learn was to pull apart good working things to see how they worked. This caused me to learn fast as most things that I pulled apart did not work again once I rebuilt them. So the best way to not get screamed at was to keep rebuilding it until it worked and before my parents found out.

I still owe my parents a sewing machine, 8mm movie projector, a few VCR players and about 100 other things that come to mind. I have had the chance to repay my mother with my skills by building her a new house, renovations on around 4 houses, cars always fixed for free, so we are about even.

Tinkering and fixing anything formed many skills I have now. The tangible reward was mastering skills from tinkering that were obtained from hands on experience which led me to a very different approach to the norm for careers, interests and business ownership.

Many of my tinker days taught me to try to solve problems in different ways that led to unique outcomes and sometime improvements. Fixing and tinkering also made me feel in control of the world around me and valued by people around me. The school of practical life is not only interesting but also useful.

Christmas Tree made from a free Pallet

This is a great DIY craft idea for the whole family. Not only is it super cheap but it will bring satisfaction to the whole family of a built not bought project.

Pallets are free from most hardware shops; they can be used to make a great looking x-mas tree in a few different ways. The best part is they can be recycled after Christmas into fire wood or other handy items.

We will be camping over the xmas time, so to take a larger tree with all the decorations just isn’t a possibility over all the other gear we carry.



With The Aussie summer hitting, its time for the great outdoors, but before you open the door make this quick and easy natural insect repellent. No heavy metals or other chemical nastiest and it will keep the pests well away.

My favorite Mozzie mix is:

Combine all ingredients using a 500ml spray bottle ($2 at hardware shops)
Add, 10 drops eucalyptus oil and 10 drops lavender oil (essential oils)
Add 3-4 Tablespoons of olive oil or neem oil (which contains natural insecticidal compounds)
Add 1/4 Cup lemon juice. (for overkill)
Shake well before use.

Tiny House on wheels build (week 1)

Tiny House style: GYPSY, rustic, recycled, eclectic glampavan

A few weeks ago I started to ask people for free building materials locally and on Facebook groups to build my own tiny house on wheels.

So far people have given us a heap of free materials for our build!  The support and generosity of many Aussies has been great! So far for free we have insulation, paint, heaps of wood, metal, and if we travel around a heap more. We will document each part of the build and trip including bargains for the build.

The ad to ask for free material went better than we thought!

Items that are frugal, not cheap

There are some items that are frugal, not cheap. A few of them are even expensive, which begs the question, what is the difference between frugal and cheap? I think there is a big difference, and the reasons are fairly simple. Cheap simply means to me that the item did not cost much. It was a low price, sometimes cheap can be a really good thing, particularly when there is no apparent need to pay more for a useful item. Other times cheap can be a false economy where an item may cost less, but it breaks or is compromised on quality and is less useful. Frugal is cost effective, sustainable and useful, and will save time and money in the long run.

In our house, we try to live simply for Australian standards, which is actually pretty regal if you ask me, even in the simple sense, but I digress, we do try to minimise ‘stuff’ not only to save space, but to de-clutter our lives for purpose and meaning. Let me explain that a little better, we feel happier when we have less consumerist crap because it makes us free. You will see lots of posts regarding this, as I feel this is important for longterm health. Anyway, I wanted to write this post to share some of the more decadent items that we own that we have prudently scrounged every penny for in order to save time, money and improve our lives. I am not saying that these items are ‘needed’, they are definitely luxury items, but they do add value to our life, which is why I consider them frugal, even though they are not cheap.


Frugal Thermomix TM5

My Thermomix TM5 model is used daily

Why I use the rapid cycle on my washing machine

You make may remember that we did a post regarding the ezywash, washing machine. Whenever we are away, we like to use this machine and found that for a family of six it does a really fantastic job on all of our clothing. What surprised me the most with this little machine, was the fact that he could do such a good job on all of our clothes despite only taking around half an hour for the whole cycle. This made me question whether or not the cycle that I use at home for bigger loads was practical or not. I decided to test this theory and wash a normal load of our clothing and do it on rapid and compare this to a normal cycle. Normally a full cycle in our LG washing machine (a 7kg front loader) takes approximately three hours. I always thought that this was necessary given that our clothes do get soiled, particularly with little children. It has been indoctrinated into me that washing for a lengthy amount of time meant better clothes, clean clothes and hygienic clothes. My test revealed something very important to me, there was no difference between the close to come out of the rapid cycle compared to the normal cycle. In both cases the clothing I had used was children’s clothing that had been worn for play, eating and running around. As we all know, children are not the cleanest people so this was a good test to see if my theory was correct. I actually had a pair of soiled pants from my younger son that had grease all over the bottom from the barbecue area and rather than putting this through the normal cycle, I put this in with the other washing on rapid. The pants came out with no grease on the completely clean spun dry and ready to be hung out to dry. This is the reason why I use the rapid cycle of washing machine as I see no need for using a washing cycle that goes for three hours or more when the clothes come out very clean and sanitary. Thanks to the ezy wash for inspiring me to not only save water but power as well which saves me money and time.

Frugally Friendly Facebook

Facebook is frugally friendly

This week we have started putting ourselves out there on social networks by putting a post up stating what our plans are with the construction of the gypsy motorhome. Matt has been submitting a post across all different buy, swap and sell pages and other pages of interest all across Facebook. We have been pleasantly surprised with the reaction of these posts and very humbled by the generosity of the general public. As the saying goes “someone else’s trash can become someone else’s treasure.” Our hope was that we would be able to take materials off the hands of people who are no longer using them and put them to great use in our future construction.

We have flooring for our new DIY caravan project

Today we sorted the bargain of the century! Matt had noticed on one of the local by swap and sell pages that there was a garage sale just around the corner from our house. Included in the pictures of the advertisement there was some floating flooring. The garage sale was advertised to start at 8 AM. We quickly got the kids ready, and headed out to grab a bargain. On our way through the oval we noticed that there were heaps of utes, trucks and other tradie vehicles. This made Matt quite nervous as he assumed that all the bargains would be gone. Luckily, the first thing we saw when we entered the driveway was a pile of laminate flooring priced at just $15, at first we thought it was $15 per box which still would have been a bargain in itself but to our surprise he was asking $15 for the whole lot. We managed to get five full boxes of laminate flooring oak timber for $15. As you can see in the picture, the advertisement from Bunnings sells this flooring for over $50 per metre. To acquire five boxes would have been approximately $300 so this means we have saved $285.

Owen Reviews Orbost Op Shop

Located in the main street of Orbost, the Op Shop is fairly large with two big levels. There is a big range including shoes, toys, clothes, bits and pieces, kitchen stuff and books. 

Owen's review of Orbost Op Shop
8 Reviewer
Overall, Orbost Op Shop had a wide range of second hand goods at very fair prices, it is well worth visiting if you are in the Snowy River region of Victoria.

Meal planning for a camping trip to Mallacoota

Meal planning for a camping trip to Mallacoota

To cut our costs down, we decided to take all of our food with us, as experience tells us that eating out can cost well over $100 as we have six mouths to feed and often small tourist towns charge a premium for food. Luckily, I usually make large meals, so large that there is always excess for a whole meal, so I freeze them for easy reheats, particularly on busy work or study days. I had accumulated a fair bit of random dinners, so following a freezer inspection, I found that we had the following;

With a tight budget, anyone can have a great family caravan

A cheap, working caravan for our family

One of our main goals for travelling was to find a caravan set up that was affordable, roadworthy and practical. Having perused many family travel blogs, we often found that many of them had bigger budgets than us, which at first made the whole concept feel unattainable. We started to piece everything together and realised that we can still do this, we may not have a large budget, but we certainly don’t need the latest model caravan or car, either.


See our sister site all about healthy camping cooking recipes.

Camping and travel recipe site that specialises in gluten free, dairy free, raw, vegan and many other food types.