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Colloidal Silver the history and health rewards

Colloidal Silver the history and health rewards

I will start by stating that I am not a Doctor and you should always seek a health practitioner’s advice on any conditions and treatments.


The History of Colloidal Silver

For thousands of years silver was respected as a multipurpose healing technique. From early Rome, Greece, and places like ancient Paeonia, precious metals was used extensively to manage contamination and infection. Famous practitioners like Hippocrates, demonstrated that silver treated open wounds and managed disease way before antibiotics.

The acceptance of silver is known from before BC and spread to the Middle East around 700 AD during which it was commonly used for conditions like bloodstream filtration, cardiovascular diseases, syphilis, and even for simple things like managing bad breath.

During Napoleon times, the legions of Alexander implemented water flasks coated internally with silver to purify water from waterways. Silver was still used commonly by Russian in World War I, and even into World War 2.

Prior to refrigeration, it was a normal practice to put a silver coin into milk to preserve the milk, due to the fact silver was understood to protect against the growth of bacteria, algae and other unwanted microorganisms.

In recent times we have found silver to still be a powerful substance, it was almost lost from the history books like many other old health technics, but even now people stumble on to the power of silver by accident like, the State University of New York was running a project in the 1970s and they were making an shield with nylon and silver and it lead to them rediscovering that silver has unique antimicrobic characteristics, a long story short they ended up making a silver formulated wound dressings (Silverlon) obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The funny thing is that when silver is used in a product that can be patented they approve it but when its just silver that you can make at home for a few cents then they don’t approve of it? This is highlighted by the fact that Silverlon bandages are ok yet the official line from the FDA about the use of silver is they do not consider it to be a safe or effective treatment for ANY disease or condition. Strong words there, considering the history of silver.

You can eat toxic food full of numbers and pesticides we know cause health issues, that’s ok, GMO, no problem, but silver used for thousands of years, don’t touch that!


Main uses for colloidal silver

The most common use is as an Antibacterial Agent.
Colloidal silvers capacity to eliminate antibiotic immune superbugs is spectacular. While working at UCLA, Larry C. Ford, MD, reported over 600 separate disease producing pathogens that ended up being defeated in moments when exposed to silver. (

Wound Cleaning, Skin Health Care

Robert O. Becker, MD, claims that colloidal silver promotes rehabilitation and repair of skin and other tissue. (
A recent investigative report produced by Pharmacognosy Communications in 2012, advocated that colloidal silver treatments should be use to treat burns, yeast infection, and other conditions. (;jsessionid=25AE92BFBF451EC54C811850BEE09E5D?sequence=1)
Antiviral Agent

Colloidal silver positive aspects can be observed as an anti-viral for respiratory disease, herpes virus, shingles and other Viruses. Dr. Martin Hum, notes colloidal silver as a natural remedies to completely stop viruses in their tracks. (

Silver is also a excellent anti-inflammatory therapy. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health, examined the impact of inflammatory reaction following treatment using colloidal silver; they revealed that the irritated pores and skin of pigs medicated using colloidal silver encountered near normal skin after only 72 hours, while different treatment method groups remained inflamed. (

Other things Colloidal silver can improve are,
Sinusitis (
Common Cold/Flu (
Pneumonia and many more.


Who to believe?

With the way the world works now, these days its all about money, so the best way to find out more about any product or service is to find and read over personal testimonials from people that use the products or services. I know that real people are more trustworthy that big companies, media or government. There are a heap for forums where you can read amazing stories of people that use The History of Colloidal Silver on themselves or pets to fix a huge range of issues.

In Australia it’s illegal to market colloidal silver as a medication or nutritional supplement it’s legal to sell it for water purification purposes, like many things in the natural health industry you can’t state much at all without fear of being attacked, and the best advise is always to research and ask or read up on people’s personal experience using it.

I do use Colloidal Silver myself and I have seen what it can do, but so people can see I am not biased I will not go into my own personal experience and instead give a few links to site s full of people that use CS.

I make my own colloidal silver for less than $1 a liter at home and it can also be brought from health shops or online. So if you have an interest in trying out CS google is your friend.

Scientific proof for tea tree oil as a treatment for headlice

Headlice and nits are a constant nuisance in many households which generally occur in children from head to head contact at school or other social occasions. We have had to deal with the problem many times and through trial and error, have found the best solution to the problem. I have heard from other parents that tea tree oil hasn’t worked for them or that other natural stuff just doesn’t work. The problem usually is not that the treatment did not work, but that is was not executed correctly. I am constantly frustrated with some parents who refuse to de-lice their kids, and thus spread them to others, but have found the best course of action is prevention. My kids still get nits, particularly when they are around infested kids, but far less frequently than they used to.


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