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Cayden’s Campsite Comments Yanakie Caravan Park

Cayden Comments on Yanakie caravan Park
8.0 Reviewer
The Kiosk was awesome, the owners were friendly and the playground was fun
Not great fishing while here
Cayden very much enjoyed his stay at Yanakie in South Gippsland. He loved the fact that the managers were very approachable and friendly. He spent some time introducing himself to Craig and Katie who were both very patient dealing with an array of children as they entered the kiosk with change to buy some treats. Cayden and his brother, Owen, were very happy to find some boys staying at the park who were the same age as them, and they spent time running around the park, playing games and being free spirited.

The atmosphere of the park was casual and free, which made the kids feel at ease, running around late into the summer evening, spending time away from technology and making up games together. This was enough to make the adults around swell with joy. Afterall, life should be about balance, and kids often provide us with a reminder of how to exist, independent of burdens that weight us down. His verdict was an 8 out of 10, and he would love to return in the future. Cayden’s campsite comments Yanakie Caravan Park.

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