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CAYDENS CRAFT CORNER – art and craft workshops


We created The Cayden’s Craft Corner to provide a site for crafters all over Australia to come together, whether that togetherness is online or as we visit towns all over Australia; to share tips, to learn from, and be motivated by each other.

To connect over more than just craft. To meet other kids all over this country who value art and craft and the joy that creating brings.

We wanted to create events as we travel and meet other enthusiastic newbies that could come to our camp sites from their local area and learn to make spectacular artworks with simple programs.

And the best reason for creating Cayden’s Craft Corners was that we wanted the chance to meet, hangout with and be shown by others in our travels what craft they like and how they do it.

The art and craft workshops run in all the different places we visit around Australia. We would love to see you at one.

Hi, I’m Cayden and I work and travel with my other siblings, Owen, Stacey, Zack and our parents, as we travel Australia while my mum holds talks on health and travel. I have always loved craft and drawing and i love to see other people works and methods as thats how i learn. If you feel like looking me up you can find me here on my own blog site

The Travelling Naturopath

About The Travelling Naturopath

The Travelling Naturopath is on a mission to explore Australia. As a family of 6, we aim to live a full, healthy life that is unique and full of discovery. Our life is fueled with passion and purpose. Naturopathy aims to promote the health and wellbeing of the whole person, encompassing the deep nature of humans that needs to be nurtured. Life is to be lived, and our joy is to share our journey with you.

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