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Disconnect from technology

Modern technology, particularly our phones, have in essence turn into an extension of who we are. That is why the fear that takes hold of feeling helpless anytime you don’t remember to take your phone. And it is not surprising – we depend on technologies for many day to day aspects in our life, like using GPS to get to a place, maintaining communication with buddies and family members, handling our daily schedule, getting us up punctually each day, enabling us find the current news plus much more.

While all our tech tools perform these relevant roles in achieving every day to run efficiently, it is difficult to picture disconnecting from all the gadgets most of us now carry around. However, whenever you are vacationing and on holiday, disconnecting may be really what everyone needs.

One of the many significant factors anyone plans to take a trip and holiday is to get at arm’s length from his or her every day lifestyle and obligations in an effort to have exciting times, chill out, relax, and see stunning regions of the globe. But some research and specialists suggest that this would not be likely if you take all your phones and electronics on holidays.

Our family tested this idea out and we now only take a laptop so I can study and work when needed. The kids seem more relaxed once they get over the idea of no computers or other tech gadgets. The family spends more time talking and playing with everyone included rather than separated and eyes only on the screens.

I could go on about the positives, especially on the positive affects not taking computers of phone on the road as our eldest child that has special needs and tends to lock out new ideas and is obsessive about being on a computer at all times possible. To see him come out of his shell and really enjoy the adventures is nothing short of amazing. But that is another post.

There are many positive things about all the technologies there is no doubt as they play a huge role in our life, but to much of anyone thing is always a bad thing so when your travelling why not try to put some of the tech gear down and look around at he places you are seeing.


The benefit of disconnecting

At first, you may look at stashing your devices away and turning off the WiFi as punishment, but you can expect to really enjoy some significant positive aspects.

Engaged in your experiences, taking pleasure in the people you are with and the landscapes around you.”

Travelling is about allowing people the chance to unwind, get out of our day to day routines, devote more time alongside family members and good friends and be connected with them instead of our computers and phones.

Myself I find many people outright rude with phones and i find the unplugged version of them is a lot better at giving full attention to conversations and any task at hand than someone with a phone glued to their face.

Unplugging phones and computers means discovering and experiencing the moment for its own enjoyment.
Hearing my kids tell me something funny without sharing it to the rest of the connected world is more personal and a better memory and its all locked away in my mind and if I want to share ill tell someone in person on the trip, someone real.

Your next holiday may be the most opportune time to attempt to disconnect from technology?

The Travelling Naturopath

About The Travelling Naturopath

The Travelling Naturopath is on a mission to explore Australia. As a family of 6, we aim to live a full, healthy life that is unique and full of discovery. Our life is fueled with passion and purpose. Naturopathy aims to promote the health and wellbeing of the whole person, encompassing the deep nature of humans that needs to be nurtured. Life is to be lived, and our joy is to share our journey with you.

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