How to claim your Trip around Australia as a Tax Deduction

Before we start, if you are going to travel and claim everything you can while seeing this great country, make sure you get advice from an accountant; this is a guide using information from all over the place and is also aimed at Australian tax laws only. This is a guide more so to inspire the right questions that you should ask a tax agent or accountant. Done right and you could be surprised how much you are allowed to claim at tax time.

So many people miss out on tax deductions that can be claimed while working on the road, Could it be worth setting up a business so you can claim for part of your trip? Most times all you need is an ABN and a good idea, both of these could be a way to saving thousands when you hit the road. The bonus is you can make money while you travel and claim things you never thought of as soon as you leave for the trip of a lifetime.

There is much more than just fruit picking work out there and the work is easy to organise through job networks such as No Boundaries and Work About Australia.

The ATO doesn’t care what you are doing just more so that you are working and how you do that, so travelling around Australia with careful planning should see people able to declare motor vehicle expenses, daily meals and accommodation the minute they hit the road.

The trick with the ATO is they don’t care what your job title is, but how you go about getting work and where you work it is.