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The first trip for our tiny truck house

The first trip for our tiny truck house was to Yanakie Victoria.

Matt had been tirelessly working to complete our Gypsy style truck house in time, to be able to take it on a maiden voyage for this trip. He was putting in 12 hour days, with everything else going by the wayside to have it ready. At one point it seemed like an impossible deadline as the crane had only just put the cabin on the truck on Wednesday the 13th of January, and Matt still needed to secure it, and install the caravan tow brake so we could haul our van. He also needed to weigh the truck to make sure it was under 4.49 tonne, and it came in at 4 tonne. Long story short, with no time to spare, he managed to anchor the cabin to the truck and install the tow brake just in time, but was still going at 8pm on Thursday evening. The inside of the truck still needs finalising, but it was ready for the boys to sleep in the loft. Meanwhile, I was cooking meals, getting clothes organised and packing the caravan in anticipation of leaving on Friday. I had only just completed an Anatomy Exam on the Monday and an assignment on Tuesday, so was feeling fairly exhausted and Matt was in delirium from his work frenzy.

Lifting the tiny truck house

Lifting the tiny truck house

Much to both of our amazement, we finished off the final bits of packing on Friday morning, hooked up the van to the truck and set off to Yanakie, about 3 hours’ drive from Bairnsdale. We had some concerns ranging from whether or not the truck would actually pull the caravan, whether or not the truck would comfortably drive such a distance and whether or not we could actually get up hills. We pulled out of the driveway, and set off, it was happening, our tiny house truck was going on its maiden voyage. We got to the intersection at the Princess Highway in Bairnsdale and encountered our first problem. The tow brake was locking as we were trying to turn into the highway, we had a line of cars behind us, and could not work out why it was grabbing, and we managed to pull out and off the road to investigate. Matt worked out that the problem only occurred when he indicated right, so this meant a problem with the wiring. We continued on our journey.

Tiny House Truck towing a caravan

Tiny house truck towing a caravan

In the truck the ride was very bumpy and often felt like it was tilting. It does take some getting used to, but we are proud to say we made it to Yanakie after a stop at Yarram for some lunch and a play. We spent six nights at Yanakie, and had one day driving to Phillip Island to catch up with family. A few people marvelled at our tiny house truck, even wanting photos. This was different for us, but I was so excited for our future, as Matt’s blood, sweat and tears are enabling us to get closer to our dreams. The boys loved sleeping in the loft of the truck house, while we stayed in the caravan with the little kids. It really did feel less cramped.

We had a wonderful stay at Yanakie. It is just at the entrance to Wilson’s Promontory and is so tranquil. We did get attacked by midge’s bugs and found ourselves quite itchy. Lucky I carry tea tree oil, which really does help with the itch. Yanakie is a quiet location and one that we will often venture to in summer as it has a beautiful climate, with sea breezes, and is quite and not expensive. The sea air was so invigorating and it really was hard to say goodbye after six nights. You can see our review of Yanakie Caravan Park, here.

We left on Thursday, and had a pleasant ride until we felt like a tyre had gone flat just out of Yarram on the South Gippsland Highway. We pulled off to check and found one of the caravan tyres was completely eroded, and all over the road. Luckily, we were on a straight and had a good view of both sides of the road. We discovered that we did not have the right sized jack for the spare on the caravan, but luckily a cattle farmer across the road heard our tyre explode, and came out to give us a hand with the right tools. He was such a lovely person, and these gestures of human kindness, fill me with joy and gratitude. A lovely police woman stopped to see if we were ok, and we felt truly looked after. It taught us that we actually will need an extra spare and more tools to be better prepared in the future.

Blown caravan tyre

Blown caravan tyre

We feel truly on our way now and are working to live our dreams. It all gets closer every day, and I am very proud of Matt for creating our wonderful truck house, I love it and can’t wait to take it on our biggest adventure of all, soon.

Until my next post, be well xx


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