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The Golden Age of Synthetic Drug Development is over

The Golden Age of Synthetic Drug Development is over.


This information is what I found while on my own journey for treating arthritis, I am not a doctor or health professional and don’t claim to be anything more than a normal bloke that likes to know what works for me and my family. My wife is a training naturopath and it has become more than just an interest in natural health for us both and our family. In short, the health system failed both me and my son, and that sparked a fantastic new way to live and thrive using natural methods. So this blog post is just what I found in my own personal studies.

The Golden-Age-of-Synthetic-Drug-Development-is-over

All the easily obtained drugs and leads have been found. From here the costs will sky rocket along with more aggressive marketing and corruption.

Many new drugs have a failure rate from Lab to clinic up-to 99%. (source Now synthetic drug innovation is very expensive, slow-moving, and a high-risk business model. Many drugs now in development take around take 12 years and billions of dollars before they hit the shelves. This is why synthetic drugs are inefficient and also why many older well known drugs quickly find a new use for other health problems as it’s cheaper to play around with the stocked drugs than make new ones.

Synthetic drugs can be patented and for that reason become the intellectual property of the maker and also offer massive profits to the maker. Most Synthetic man made products are copies or structures from natural compounds found in plants and herbs but you can’t patent natural plants so this is why Big Pharm spend so much time and money to make close copies of natural compounds that can then be patented by the company.


The funny thing is so many people look down on natural cures from say herbs or even foods when they are the original source of all the tablets people take for health conditions. This seems to be changing now with many people using natural health products due to the fact they are regarded as safer, cheaper with less side effects than synthetic drugs. My own example would be arthritis, the costs for doctor drugs would be around $6 +  day and most have some scary side effects, mainly on the liver. I use a prescription ginger supplement along with turmeric, celery seed, green lip muscle powder and Boswellia at a cost of around $1-$2 a day and with zero side effects, actually instead of side effects I get added health effects for other health issues.


There is also a new and uneasy union forming between the pharmaceutical drug markets and the supplement market. They are rapidly combining as they see effortless revenue by offering health supplements without the need of expensive clinical trials. I hope this new trend brings people more healthy products and not as just an easy way for drug companies to turn profits. If they did this right it would prove the effectiveness of natural supplements and herbs that for the last 20 years drug companies have been fighting and unfairly slandering.


Studies and data from the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) just recently reported that taking natural supplements are safer than many think with data like:

900 times more likely to die from food poisoning than supplements

300,000 times more likely to die from a preventable medical injury during a hospital stay.

The other data shows that negative side effects and reactions to pharmaceutical drugs are:

62,000 times more likely to kill you than food supplements

7,750 times more likely to kill you than herbal remedies

Besides drugs and hospital injuries, you’re also more likely to die from being struck by lightning or drowning in your bathtub than having a lethal reaction to herbs or supplements.

Sources from


Herbs and many plants embody a huge source of naturally made chemicals that can be used to cure anything; nature is our own evolutionary research lab. We know so little about many plants and we are losing massive tracks of unexplored forests everyday which could be more than useful for cures and health benefits for the world.

Once people see that big pharma are running out of the answers it would be great for people and government to work together and make an efforts to survey the whole world’s plant life hunting for extremely useful natural compounds. Until the money flow slows down and pharma have less power with our lazy and corrupt politicians we will have to wait and hopefully some forest will still be standing at the time.


So taking your own health into your own hands and also educating yourself about benefits and risk of anything you consume is the first and foremost to a healthy lifestyle

A quick checklist to better health would be:

Eat Right

Eat whole, unprocessed foods that come from healthy, renewable, in season and when possible local sources. You are what you eat.


Exercise and Fresh Air

Even if you eat well we all need at least 20 minutes a day off the couch and get our heart pumping, don’t jump into exercise too fast, build it up each day and make it enjoyable, walk, swim or gym.


Positive Thinking and Reducing Stress

Surround yourself with good positive people, that’s the first step and be positive to others and yourself. Taking drugs to de-stress will not solve the problems making you stressed, they only mask or numb the problems for now.


Get out in the Sun (Moderation is key as always)

Vitamin D, I could go on about how important the sun is, but it would take too long. We need sun, not too much and not fake tanning machines, just the simple free sun that’s outside, Lots of the good rays do not make it through glass so get outside and enjoy it.


Avoid Chemicals and Pollution

From cleaners, to sprays, and more than likely half the products and materials in any house are full of made chemicals, paint, carpet and just about everything your house is made out of is a chemical based product, so where possible go natural.


I am not a doctor or even a natural health professional, so this is not at all medical advice; this is just stuff I know from living with arthritis and pain and having to find what works for me. The more I researched the more amazed I was what I found. My wife is a training Naturopath so that helps me but again most of what I write is just from my own studies for my own condition that I wanted to share. I would add that none of this information is from my wife or her studies, she did research what I should take for my arthritis but that’s the only relevance to the post.


About Matt

Matt is the husband of Mindy, the Travelling Naturopath. Matt is a Jack of all trades, who loves working with his hands to make life easier. As a natural problem solver, he has the ability to see a solution where one is needed. Matt has a background in construction, computers and machinery. One of his passions is to share his innovative solutions with others, especially regarding living on the road.

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