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Tow-Pro Elite Towing Brake Controller Review

Aussie made and Aussie designed!

The Tow-Pro Elite features Active Calibration which constantly monitors the direction of travel removing the need for an initial calibration process, the unit will even calibrate with no trailer attached whilst maintaining the ability to mount in any orientation.

The unit is able to operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes and will operate from either 12V or 24V vehicle systems without the need for manual selection or extra components/ wiring. The unit is also ADR compliant when installed as directed.

The Tow-Pro Elite is an electric trailer brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate.

The Tow-Pro Elite offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes, allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type or driver preference.

Tow-Pro Elite Review
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Latest tech, Easy Install, Simple to use, Aussie Made!
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I brought the tow pro as we use a 24 volt truck as our tow vehicle and the tow pro can be installed for either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles. Not only that but its one of the best controllers I have seen with both easy to install and offers smart internals like active Calibration for the best ride around.


The install is not only easy but also looks great as the controller itself can be hidden anywhere in the car and it can sit at almost any angle as long as its secure. The dash controller is a simple separate push and turn button that only takes a 10mm drill hole to install. This feature is great as my last brake controller was picky about placement and it was always in the way of my knees and getting bumped. The button has 1 to 10 for setting and also pushes in for manual override features.

The setup and install took me less than 15 minutes for the whole job and needed very little to do apart from needed some wire and a 30 amp fuse that I brought from a local sparky shop. The controller is fed info from the dash push button using a networking type cable that’s around 40cm long so I was able to hide the unit well out of the way.


The settings and modes are easy to understand and take no time to get the tow-pro setup just how you want. I went for manual setting sitting at level 4 and that felt great for the truck and caravan and then we played with the auto mode which learns your braking style using inertial braking. That means it can sense how hard you are braking and apply the right amount of force to your caravan’s brakes.  The display uses LED lights on the dash button for easy to see settings and it is also smart enough to show fault codes if anything should go wrong or in case you installed it wrong.

So, if you want not one of the best Aussie made controllers in the market and maybe the best in the world then the tow-pro is for you. I paid $250 locally for it and I am more than happy with the controller.

I brought a different controller from Ebay and only when I checked the order I found it was being sold locally so I went to pick it up and the owner talked me out of using the one I had brought and upgraded me to the tow-pro elite. I was not sure if I needed it but after he explained why I should spend an extra $50 I could see just why he was so wrapped in the new tow-pro elite. He wasn’t wrong after using it, now I am also a fan.

I have no affiliation to the product in anyway, but here’s where I brought mine; they are on Ebay and the shop front is in Bairnsdale, funnily enough, they sell the unit cheaper in the Ebay shop than the actual shop, go figure?  Now they also seem to supply a 30 amp fuse thing :[ I didn’t get that for free when I got mine a few weeks ago, so that’s an added bonus.

Love the Tow-Pro and anyone with a 24 volt vehicle will also save as you don’t need any step-down transformer to run the unit.

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