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Working on the road tips and tricks

Working on the road tips and tricks

For many travellers finding a source of constant work in different locations can take time. We all have different skill sets and other routines like home schooling kids or health issues that interfere in finding ample work as you travel. Other types of work would require many tools of the trade which isn’t always an option due to overloading and weight restrictions on tow vehicles, buses or caravans.

Work can be hard to find depending on the location. The best way to keep a constant money flow coming in would be to start or run your own business as well as looking locally for causal work. There are many things that can be run while travelling and services are the easy way as they usually don’t require stock or too many tools or setup time. Finding and using skills you have and offering them would be the best way to start. Examples would be handyman, haircuts, drop shipping products, reselling like Avon/party type sales, consulting, health advice and more.

So if you are on the road now or planning to leave soon, take the time to look at the skill sets you already have. Where possible aim for a dream job at the same time as passion will show in your work and passion and drive are what sells you to others. So make a list of as many types of work you can do or have done with pros and cons,  cost to setup, Time vs. income, tools needed, Over saturated markets, and risks such as loss of money or health. Remember, the internet makes for a fantastic base to sell your services, and if selling products, looking at a drop shipping option from a supplier can be a valuable option.


Places you can work online

These days the internet is important for work as a source of contact, networking and sourcing. These tips will help you cut costs as mobile data is very expensive.

There are many places all over Australia where you will be able to get free internet access.

Libraries – Nearly all towns have a library. They will likely provide free wireless internet. Sometimes you might need a access code, so ask the front desk if you can’t connect. They may require people to sign-up for a library card which is free and also this also lets you borrow books, movies and even music so it’s well worth the 5 minutes to sign up and most are district wide so you can then use any Library in that area.

Internet Cafes – Not free but a lot cheaper than roaming data, cost is per hour and more reliable than Wi-Fi, also great for times when you need space and will spend many hours online.

Cafes or Fast Food Places – Often places such as Maccas, Hardware shops, and cafes offer free Wi-Fi to shoppers. You are expected to buy something so a cheap drink or snack will do if you only need the net for a small amount of time. Also if you like good food or your health maybe steer clear of any place with big yellow M signage.

There are many other places you will find free or cheap internet but my favourite is libraries as they are quiet and have space to work.

Caravan parks also often offer wifi for a fee or sometimes free. This can be a fantastic option for travellers as they are often cheaper than wireless internet.


Getting the word out about work you offer.

Working for yourself is hard enough and unless you put the word out how will anyone know what you are offering? So the best way to advertise would be to join groups on social network’s like Facebook Groups like Aussie Travellers Networking Group (ATNG) or sites like or as you can network or look for job or service ads quickly online.

I have also found placing ads for your services in buy swap and sell groups in areas you are staying at is an excellent free way to get a lot of exposure, as is posting ads on Gumtree.

Also use your vehicle as a billboard, being on the road creates exposure for you service or brand, a few stick on magnets on car doors will be seen by many, as people love to gork at people caravans and setups when you are on the road. Also get business cards or flyers to hand out as many people don’t have time to chat and handing out a informative card or flyer means you can move faster with less time spent talking or explaining your offers.


Plan before your journey

Set some targets and get some exposure before you leave your current location heading for the next. Setup and plan what you need to achieve during each change in location. Network and look for work options or advertising prior to getting anywhere as this will save wasted time, even driving time can be part of the routine for finding work as it’s a great time to discuss or think about plans or objectives you have for work.

Try not to load up your schedule the same day you arrive at a new location. You are  need time to unload, reorganise campsites and accommodation. By allowing yourself some time for travel and setup you will feel more self-confident during your travels and looking for work.


Plan Business Down Time

Scheduling down time is a good way to lower stress and also improve work productivity when travelling. Plan how you will unwind and refresh, it’s very important to plan time off as it’s not all about work and more about the seeing and experiencing the places you are travelling too.


On the Road Business essentials:

Mobile Phone, Smart Phone

Laptop or Tablet

Extra laptop battery for long-haul trips

Business cards or flyers with contact information

Flash drive for backing up or use Google Drive, Dropbox or other online backup storage

Good attitude and a jar of elbow grease


What we do for work on the road

We run a blog and site for our travel and work

My wife is the travelling Naturopath and also does Tarot readings and I run a PC repair business with its main function is installing commercial grade Wi-Fi hotspots in places like caravan parks, campsites, marinas, outdoor events and almost anywhere.

The Boring Parts:


Some insurance companies don’t cover travellers for things like lost or stolen property or, loss of income. Before you plan your journey, check your insurance policy and make sure you have the right cover.  Make sure you have insurance for all the tools of your trade and also public cover.

Use these tips and above all be flexible when travelling this great country. Before you know it you will be working on the road like a true road warrior.


About Matt

Matt is the husband of Mindy, the Travelling Naturopath. Matt is a Jack of all trades, who loves working with his hands to make life easier. As a natural problem solver, he has the ability to see a solution where one is needed. Matt has a background in construction, computers and machinery. One of his passions is to share his innovative solutions with others, especially regarding living on the road.

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