Spiritual and psychic services

Natural health and wellbeing not only focuses on the physical health of the individual, but also the mind and spiritual health. Naturopathy encompasses treatment of the WHOLE person, which means that as a healer, Mindy is in tune with spirit. Having been raised by a prominent psychic, tarot reader, Mindy has been blessed with the gift of sight and the ability to read tarot cards. As part of her services, Mindy can offer insightful readings using the tarot cards and provide guidance and support for your spiritual journey. Spiritual psychic services can assist people to be in touch with their spiritual side, empowering them to achieve greater, overall health.

Mindy also runs periodic workshops around Australia where she teaches people how to read tarot, with introductory workshops regarding the meaning of the cards and how they can be used as a spiritual healing tool. She is available for readings both online and in person. You can find out more on her tarot readings page.